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Extreme Network’s acquisition of Enterasys, Derek Granath discusses at NetEvents Cloud Summit, Nice

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Pim Bilderbeek, Principal Analyst at The METIS Files interviews Derek Granath, Senior Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks. Pim quizzes Extreme to understand the key reasons why this marriage is such a g...

Bob Metcalfe – Ethernet 40 years Birthday Celebration

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Bob Metcalfe - Ethernet 40 years Birthday Celebration Promo Click here to watch the full documentary with Bob Metcalfe, Inventor of Ethernet & Steeve Hoover, CEO, PARC.

Bob Metcalfe – 40 years of Ethernet Innovation

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Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe and Steve Hoover CEO of PARC, walk us through the innovation process and explain what they have in store to celebrate Ethernet's 40th Birthday Party and "Future Innovations in Networking...

The History of Ethernet with Bob Metcalfe, Inventor of Ethernet

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Bob Metcalfe talks about how he and David Boggs invented Ethernet. NetEvents revisited Silicon Valley in 2013 to celebrate 40 Years of Ethernet, click here to view the documentary featuring Bob Metcalfe and Steve ...

The SDN Revolution – Empowering the people – Dan Pitt, Open Networking Foundation

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Why has Software-Defined Networking (SDN) become such a hot topic in the past twelve months? As a concept, it is almost as old as networking itself and proprietary network management solutions have been available from...

BYOD – Challenges Faced by CIOs with the Network – Shehzad Merchant, Extreme Networks

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Today's networks are faced with an onslaught of challenges. From BYOD and security, to mobility and a collaborative workforce, and more broadly the consumerization of IT, these are all trends that are forcing CIOs to ...

Mark Pearson, HP Networking, Keynotes at NetEvents Hong Kong

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You have nothing to lose but your chains! Is a revolution in networking on the horizon? At the beginning of February HP announced a portfolio of OpenFlow-enabled switches, providing customers with the broadest choi...

Nicholas Negroponte talks about One Laptop per Child

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Nicholas Negroponte speaking about the $100 laptop at a NetEvent press summit in Hong Kong in December.