A vision for Carrier Cloud Networking…
As enterprises and consumers adopt new cloud based services, new opportunities are formed for carriers.
Recent market research has shown that a solid majority of carriers believe that telecom service providers
have a competitive advantage in providing cloud services because they control the network and can provide end-to-end SLAs. Itzik Weinstein remains faithful to this ‘true’ cloud concept as the real future for computing, but recognises big challenges to the WAN centric cloud — such as security, load balancing for power and resource efficiency, flow-based service monitoring, management and optimization, which require the creation of new product category — Carrier Cloud Gateways
Over the years most carriers used proprietary network elements; however, Itzik sees the future of carrier cloud networking in open cloud gateways which will enable Service Providers to focus on new services with a shorter time-to-market for improved ARPU and customer satisfaction. Itzik is wondering why carriers would pay for over intelligent (and overly expensive) solutions that require separate devices for each service type? Instead of open, standard based solutions that offer a unified solution combining best-of-breed
networking applications such as load balancing, security, DPI, per flow WAN optimization, and caching all included in the new carrier Cloud Gateways.


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