A Retrospective on the Future of Network Virtualization

The headline theme of last year’s Innovation Summit was Ethernet Innovation but, as Bob Metcalfe pointed out, the underlying theme was about the vital synergy between theory and practice, academia and business, or the thinker and the doer.

The same could apply this year, and our opening keynote speaker of the Cloud Innovation Summit exemplifies this synergy: Martin Casado, considered by many to be the father of today’s SDN, was instrumental in developing OpenFlow at Stanford and laying the foundation for network virtualization as a new paradigm. Martin also co-founded Nicira Networks — acquired in 2012 by VMware for more than $1bn, where he is now CTO of Networking.

Martin’s vision and innovations have helped ignite a vibrant SDN research community with potential to bring about one of the most radical transformations the networking industry has witnessed in the past 20+ years.

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