Introduced and Chaired by: Jeremiah Caron, Senior Vice President – Analysis, Current Analysis

OTT operators’ more nimble business model was already a hot issue by 2007. The cry has been that telcos must “find new business models” to save them from being “dumb pipe operators”. Easier said than done — until 2012 when the Cloud began opening up endless possibilities for new ways of doing business. But it was still not telcos driving cloud services, but organisations like Apple, AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure — accounting for over 40% of Ethernet ports shipped worldwide.

Telcos bear the CapEx burden, but they do still have the edge in terms of infrastructure and an established customer base. So, should they leverage their advantage and try for a competitive role, or is it time to stop asking what opportunities today’s Cloud can offer and start looking for ways to shape tomorrow’s Cloud as an environment offering limitless opportunities for all?…

Co-operation between a comprehensive range of stakeholders across the industry has built a $50 billion Carrier Ethernet services market — could a similar approach drive tomorrow’s $200 billion (and growing) Cloud services market?

Panellists: Jeff Schmitz, Chairman, CloudEthernet Forum; Said Ouissal, Vice President, Junos & Product Portfolio Management, Juniper Networks; Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF; Dr Hongwen Zhang, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wedge Networks

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