Datacentre Architectures – Concrete needs versus cloudy solutions
Introduced and chaired by: Tim Dillon, AVP Research, IDC
There’s nothing cloudy about the enterprise’s hopes for virtualisation. But how to ensure network infrastructure is “cloud-ready” and able to meet not only present, but also future enterprise needs?
All the big names in the business emphasise the same key qualities: intelligence, flexibility, simplicity, availability, security…. so, are they all just selling the same solution under different badges?
It’s time to put them to the test — has anyone got a truly winning solution?
We ask C-Level execs from Brocade, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and HP to step-up – each gets one minute to convince us that they’ve got something truly better than the others. What makes their philosophy, architecture or solution
truly different — and why should we go down their route and not the others?

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