The Network is The Business – Ravi Chandrasekaran Senior Vice President, Enterprise Networking Business, Cisco

Ravi Chandrasekaran plays a key role in Cisco’s advancements in intent-based networking, overseeing strategy and development around Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). In the last four years he has been driving Cisco’s fundamental re-architecting of the enterprise network, to incorporate evolving technologies including wireless, AI, rich behavioral and telemetry databases, more flexible and economical WAN links, and abundant cloud compute resources. As well as earlier posts at Cisco, he co-founded Apigee – acquired by Google in 2016 – and was responsible for all of the research and development at Redback Networks.

We invite Ravi to take us behind the scenes at the world’s most influential enterprise networking company, and talk about latest developments in network automation and the rise of AI. He will share his vision of a massive technological impact on the network and IT, the way that business and IT will converge, and the even more fundamental transformation of the skills and talents becoming necessary for a career in tomorrow’s IT.



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