Why has Software-Defined Networking (SDN) become such a hot topic in the past twelve months? As a concept, it is almost as old as networking itself and proprietary network management solutions have been available from major vendors for several years already.

What has changed is the launch of a new industry standard called OpenFlow. It’s the UNIX or Android story all over again – once there is a real open alternative to vendor lock-in, the market is free to grow. It is no longer a sellers’ market – the power now lies in the hands of the users.

We are privileged to welcome one of the leaders of this revolution — Dan Pitt, the ONF’s Executive Director.
Within months of launch, OpenFlow has become the year’s hottest topic in the USA and Japan, with top vendors competing to roll out OpenFlow enabled products. So we are offering the LatAm media to get up to speed on the SDN revolution.

Dan will explain what it is all about, and outline the new vision for the future of networking.
But that’s not all. Keeping pace with rapid developments, Dan will also release for the first time details on the latest ONF working groups — addressing topics including Northbound API and optical transport for re-mote datacenters. And, for an update on just how fast OpenFlow is catching on, Dell’Oro Group’s Casey Quillan will also join Dan onstage to present the latest market data on this SDN revolution.


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