Turning the Tide: Dragging Criminals Out of the Shadows – Keynote presentation by Ted Ross, Authority on the Cyber Underground; CEO & Co-Founder, SpyCloud

Cyber criminals seek data to exploit – from stolen credentials and credit cards, to account data and PII. They’ll use it to hijack employee and consumer accounts, break into corporate systems, and target their victims with some believable pretext.

Let’s turn the tables. Cyber criminals – try as they might to stay in the shadows – do leave a digital footprint. In this presentation and demonstration, we’ll reveal the techniques used by law enforcement to track these threat actors and how enterprises can apply the same tactics to protect their businesses.

You really can leverage these criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to feed your online fraud investigations and unmask their identities and broader infrastructure! We will also reveal ways to use this same data to proactively prevent account takeovers (ATOs), and to disrupt criminals’ ability to profit from already stolen information.

Ted Ross, CEO & Co-Founder, SpyCloud, is an industry veteran with nearly 30 years experience in networking and security – including the US Air Force and in threat intelligence roles. He is not the sort of person criminals would care to meet in the Dark Web. This session provides a true behind-the-scenes look at how cyber criminals are tracked and brought to justice – to make the Internet a safer place.



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